Space Impact

Space Impact Screen 1Space Impact Screen 2

We all played this game and we all loved it!

You are a spaceship and the aim is to destroy all enemies using your missiles. At the end of each level the final ultimate boss is shooting at you!

All objects (ship, enemies, missiles, backgrounds & bosses) are as good as the old ones from the Nokia 3210, 3310 & 3510!

Are you tough enough to finish the game?


➤ 3 levels (new levels coming soon!)
➤ Original level structure!
➤ Original design!
➤ Shoot even powerups!
➤ Realistic phone game playing !

➥ Game Center support (Achievements & Highscore)



  1. Dez 26, 2012
    12:19 pm


    i got the app but i only get a picture of an old phone

  2. Mrz 19, 2012
    6:11 pm


    Brings back great memories, although I do agree with the controls are not responsive/spaced out enough, so if you could add that plus maybe a bigger screen option ? Also any chance of a game centre achievement list ? I’ve got some achievements but I don’t what the others are ?

    • Mrz 21, 2012
      10:39 am


      Thanks for the Feedback! :)
      The new update will bring a bigger screen and better controls! The achievement list is a great idea ;)

      Best regards,
      Lukas Kovar

  3. Feb 9, 2012
    3:31 pm


    could be in the next update multitouch support?
    Game is good, but reactions are bad. It was better on 3310 :)

    • Feb 9, 2012
      3:34 pm


      Hello Ovecka,

      update with better control-system is coming soon! :)

      Best regards,
      Lukas Kovar

  4. Okt 8, 2011
    1:39 pm

    Niall Maguire

    The opening image only appears when I open the app. When this screen appears I cannot progress further. Also, the opening image doesn’t fully fit into the screen of my iPod.

    • Okt 8, 2011
      5:19 pm



      thanks for the feedback!
      Can you send me an screenshot to this email:

      Best regards,

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